Financial Services Analytics

Our Financial Services Analytics helps large or small financial institution achieve regulatory compliance, mitigate business risk, prevent crime, improve operational efficiencies and enhance profitability.

Deltech Solutions Financial Services Analytics helps its large or small financial institution customers such as Commercial Banks, Credit Unions, Community Banks, Mortgage Banks achieve regulatory compliance (i.e. Basel II, SOX, IAS etc.), mitigate business risk, prevent crime, improve operational efficiencies and enhance profitability.

With Deltech Analytical Solutions, you can improve operational efficiencies, comply with government regulations and enhance your bottom line by doing the following:

  • Analyze current and historical customer transaction data from various sources to see fraud patterns or to see opportunities during the lifetime cycle of a customer.
  • Predict behavior and patterns leveraging current and historical data from a variety of data sources.
  • Automate entity identification for modeling and disambiguation for people, businessesn or assets.
  • Generate various algorithms to stay current on large volumes of information.
  • Run highly complex data queries that span years, months and even decades on transaction data to see hidden historical and current patterns.

Analytics for Credit Risk Management

With Deltech Credit Risk Analytics, you can stay ahead of rapidly evolving consumer financial conditions with the unique data, cutting-edge technology, advanced analytics.

Building on several years of serving different organizations with information solutions, our solutions provide you with a complete consumer profile, including insights that enable you to better predict consumer behavior. In addition to insights at customer acquisition, you’ll know more about current customers so you can expand opportunities and extend relationships.

Financial Services Industry Insights

Today’s business risks and regulations are both more intense and more complicated than ever. Keeping up with this changing landscape is critical to your success. From identity verification and fraud prevention technologies to credit decisioning, anti-money laundering, and due diligence research, our comprehensive set of solutions help you minimize risk, comply with Federal regulations, and increase profitability quickly and accurately.

Accurate and timely intelligence to maximize profitability, manage risk and improve customer relationships using state of the art Portfolio Management

With increasing competition, consolidation and global expansion, the financial services landscape has been changing at a dizzying pace. Industry consolidation has reduced the number of players in the market but deepened the capabilities of those remaining, making it more important than ever for firms to differentiate themselves in the market. As companies merge, there is a critical need to integrate data from disparate sources and systems. Combined with increased regulation and consumers that are less loyal to products that they view as commodities, financial services firms are experiencing increased operational pressures.

With Deltech Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics, forward-looking financial institutions can benefit from accurate and timely information to maximize profitability and manage risk, thus achieving greater shareholder value and competitive advantage.

When applied to financial services, the power of BI can: create a complete view of customers and products to maximize customer lifetime value while improving customer acquisition and retention rates; ensure the financial health of the organization by managing key tangible and intangible assets; improve capital allocation and manage risk by accurately calculating and aggregating risk measures across the enterprise; realize greater business results through the management of channel communications, human resources, financial strategies and IT infrastructure.

Allow us the opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of our Financial Services Analytics to your organization to leverage your existing customer data and interactions in ways that increase revenues more efficiently and effectively.

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