Healthcare Services Analytics

Unlock the power of data to ensure the security of your health information and increased patient engagement with our Healthcare Services Analytics tools. Get quick access to generating and sharing reports, business metrics and analyses.

Deltech Solutions Healthcare Services Analytics unlocks the power of data to ensure the security of health information and increased patient engagement.

With Deltech Solutions sets of Business Intelligence and Analytics, Health Care Organizations can Improve outcomes, fraud prevention, revenue cycle management and reduce waste. You can also do the following:

  • Manage patient transaction data on electronic medical records including medical information, medical procedures, prescriptions.
  • Predict behavior and patterns leveraging current and historical data from a variety of data sources.
  • Automate entity identification for people, businesses or assets and disambiguation for modeling.
  • Generate various algorithms to stay current on large volumes of information.
  • Run highly complex data queries on years, months, decades transaction data to identify hidden patterns in historical and current data.
Health Care Services Industry Insights

According to the NHCAA, about $51 billion which is 3 percent of America’s $1.7 trillion annual health care expenditure is lost to fraud and overcharging. Furthermore, this costly abuse is growing at a rate of over 5% per year. Our sets of tools offer comprehensive verification, validation and authentication in order to help healthcare providers and healthcare insurers’ combat fraud and protect their organizations.

Health Care Services Analytics Data Integration

Now that EMR/EHR systems are becoming more common place – and organizations are capturing a wealth of new clinical data – healthcare analytics are helping to revolutionize the practice of medicine, not just medical practices.

To realize the real value potential of EMR/EHR, the healthcare industry needs a more holistic approach – the ability to combine EMR data with other types of data (lab, financial, operational, research, etc.) and analyze it to reveal the hidden knowledge it contains about trends and opportunities. This calls for “business intelligence” and data analysis.

Deltech Solutions data management team can help your organization integrate EMR data that relates directly to patient care, aggregated data about organizational performance and resource utilization, statistically derived data for planning & decision support and comparative data for research and outcome assessment.

Key questions DELTECH BI and Analytics tools answers for Healthcare companies

The ability to retrieve, report and react to KPI’s within moments is imperative in the Healthcare Industry. DELTECH Analytics gives you an overview of all your data and the ability to compare and drill into the data in order to answer your questions.
Key questions DELTECH BI Suite answers for Healthcare companies:

  • How are we performing and progressing financially?
  • How do we optimize internal processes?
  • How are we doing from an internal and external customer perspective?
  • How is our cost control management?

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