Big Data Analytics

Unlock business insights from all your structured and unstructured data, including large volumes of data not previously activated, with our Big Data Analytics solution.

Big Data Challenges: Over the last decade, data volumes have grown tremendously which had complicated the process involved in their management and analysis. Industry trends indicate that this growth will rapidly accelerate, resulting in generation of huge amount of terabytes or even petabytes of data over the coming years. This huge data or large data syndrome is called the ‘Big Data’. Traditional business intelligence approaches will not be able to keep pace with this massive growth in data volumes and the complexities raised by the Big Data produced by today’s enterprise business.

Deltech Big Data Analytics Solutions

Microsoft + Big Data:

Unlock business insights from all your structured and unstructured data, including large volumes of data not previously activated, with Microsoft’s Big Data Analytics solution. Microsoft’s end-to-end roadmap for Big Data embraces Apache Hadoop™ by distributing enterprise class, Hadoop-based solutions on both Windows Server and Windows Azure.

Key benefits:

  • Broader access of Hadoop to end users, IT professionals, and developers, through easy installation and configuration and simplified programming with JavaScript.
  • Enterprise-ready Hadoop distribution with greater security, performance, ease of management and options for Hybrid IT usage.
  • Breakthrough insights through the use of familiar tools such as Excel, PowerPivot, SQL Server Analysis Services and Reporting Services.

Framework for Implementing Big Data with Microsoft Technologies:

Big Data Analytics Framework

At Deltech, we believe Business decisions are only as good as the information on which they are based. Deltech Solutions empowers its clients by offering Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions that will keep pace with these Big Data challenges and effectively manage your information assets to produce actionable intelligence that will enable you to take informed business decisions.

Big Data Text AnalyticsDeltech Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Management team offers deep expertise in complete enterprise information management (EIM) to help you manage your big data challenges such as the following:
  • Gain insight from huge amount of data being generated on a daily basis to empower you to make smarter decisions and improve your bottom line.
  • Develop approaches for profitability and growth and enhance day-to-day operations monitoring.

Allow us the opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of our Big Data Analytics to your organization to leverage your existing customer data and interactions in ways that increase revenues more efficiently and effectively.

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