Dynamics CRM for Financial Services

Deltech Solutions Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solution for the Financial Services Industry

Deltech Solutions offer Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions that deliver a holistic view of your financial service business across marketing, sales, service, credit management, and compliance from your local branch locations or advisor storefronts to global divisions or Regions.

The solution enables financial service firms to differentiate themselves from the competition by optimizing their customer interactions and extracting more value from their customer relationships.
Our vision is to help financial services companies transform from the transaction-centric model that’s been the mainstay for many years to a customer-centric model.

Our CRM solutions for the Financial Services industry include purpose-built solutions for Commercial Banks, Retail Banks, Asset Management, Wealth Management and Insurance.

We are able to help you realize overall profitability by using our deep industry knowledge to deliver enhanced customer service and market understanding. With our extensive industry knowledge of the Financial Services industry, we have the depth and breadth of business and technical skills to help you realize the overall profitability of your business and help you grow now and into the future.

Some Benefits of Dynamics CRM to the Financial Services Industry are as follows:

  • Achieve sustained Growth: Use customer data to help build profitable, lasting relationships.
  • Win customers’ trust: Deliver interactions that are relevant and personalized.
  • Streamline regulatory Compliance: Automate compliance processes and ensure audit-ability.
  • Improve operational Efficiency: Deliver CRM through tools that are familiar and intuitive.
  • Realize the promise of Social: Drive collaborative awareness with enterprise social tools.
  • Deliver greater Mobility: Access CRM from virtually anywhere using virtually any device.
  • Reports & Analytics: Drive profit and customer value through customized role-based dashboards and reports.

How our Dynamics CRM Solution addresses Financial Services Industry challenges

Dynamics CRM solution can help address several challenges that financial services firms face today. The following are some examples of how Banks and other financial institutions are able to solve most of their challenges with our CRM solution:

Single Client View, Insight & Dashboards

Issue: Challenges in seeing a single client view across different divisions, regions and products
Solution: Dynamics can provide the integration layer across back office systems. This is what is also called the “single version of truth”, which is to say that Microsoft Dynamics CRM becomes the “authoritative source of data”, the place where people go to see client data with confidence. Microsoft Dynamics CRM does not need to be the golden source but it does provide this information in a single user interface. There has been great success in user adoption because multiple applications are being replaced with Outlook (or the web client for those who do not have Outlook).

Global Account Planning

Issues: Challenge with managing large clients with relationships across the globe and across multiple products
Solution: Typically account planning has been done on Excel spreadsheets with each division and each region using slightly different templates. Having this data in disparate systems means there is a lack of consistent process and it becomes difficult (if not impossible) to analyse and provide insights. Banks need the account planning process to be built within the client record so that the relationship manager and stakeholders not only have a single view but they have insight into the plans and can implement best practice.


Issue: Inability to manage activities (call reports) and report on total client interaction.
Solution: Banks needs to be able to collaborate due to the complexity of coverage across products and region to provide a better and more informed service to their clients. Often these collaboration applications fall outside of the CRM system and process; this is not an effective way of working. A good CRM system like Dynamics CRM pulls this information into the client workflow.

Client Service Management

Issues: Issues with managing client expectations
Solution: Client expectations are increasing, the drive to more profitable relationships mean that Banks need the ability to manage client efficiently and effectively. Making sure that the most profitable relationships are receiving the best client service possible is increasingly important. Segmenting their coverage of client means that account teams and relationships managers are always in control.

Complex Relationship Mapping

Issues: Inability to view the complex relationships across the bank, client and third party relationships.
Solution: The ability to store and view the complex relationships from the Banks perspective as well as from clients and any third party relationships that might be involved in the deal or relationship. With customers having multiple touch points across regions and across products, Banks needs to quickly see who is talking to who. They want to avoid duplication of work, data and calls to the data center.

Automation, Alerts and Exception Handling

Issues: Challenge with automation
Solution: With the wealth of information available and the need to move faster, rising client expectations and with frankly less resources than before, Banks are looking to automate as much as possible. Rather than manage each process it is about surfacing issues when they occur and manage by exception.

Our focus is to enable financial service firms to differentiate themselves from the competition by optimizing their customer interactions and extracting more value from their customer relationships. To learn more about our Customer relationship management solutions built for Financial Services, please call us or fill out the form to the left and one of our consultants will reach out to you as soon as possible.

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